Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Worst ever

London Marathon finished: 4:16:31

It was my 15th London and my 39th overall. And it was the worst ever!

Already during the night and before the start I noticed something wrong. The first 10K felt good but soon I knew it was going to become a bad day. Half way at 1:55h looked still okay. After 27K I had to pay the loo a visit. Hoped everything would get better after that. It got worse. Started to walk before 30K. As I wasn't able to drink or eat anything I feared to get hypoglycemic and walked the final 2 miles all the way.

Disappointed Mo Farah said: "It was just a bad day in the office." So it was, what a shame for such a nice sunny day and the best London crowds ever.

My first thought was: "Better give up the long distances." First action at home was: Applying for the next marathon. 5 weeks to go. Things can't get worse now.

Achim and the London Lovers:
4 Runners - 50 Londons

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