Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Remote Alpine Walking

stats of the week: run 32km, cycled 35km, hill walking 20h

The week's main experience was a 3-day-hill walk in the Italian Adamello Group, one of the remotest parts of the Alps and a big National Park. It's the only part of the Alps where sightings of the brown bear are still reported. However, we spotted frogs, a snake, marmots, chamois and a few humans.

1st day: Temu (1141m) - Rifugio Garibaldi (2550m)
2nd day: Rif Garibaldi - Passo Premassone (2834m) - Rif Baitone (2280m)
3rd day: Rif Baitone - Rhino (700m) , Bus back to Ponte di Legno

Rifugio Garibaldi at Lago Venerocolo, 

 Passo Premassone, 2834m

Lago Pantano, 2378m

Lago Baitone, 2281m

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