Monday, 20 October 2014

3K too long

stats of the week: run 48km, cycled 35km, gym 3h

As expected I could not defend my last year's 3rd place at the 29K Teutolauf which is quite a tough hilly trail race. Finishing after 2:33:34 meant I was just one minute slower than last year. That's the regular aging downfall. However, I felt strong during nearly all the distance, it was just 3K too long for me because at the final stage I had no power left and merely staggered towards the finish line. I reckon if there had been a doctor watching me he'd have stopped me and taken out of the race. Anyway I missed the third place by just 9 seconds what was a surprise. The guy probably overtook me within the final mile. I didn't notice but that didn't matter as I wasn't able to resist.

The only thing scaring me is that next race is even 13K longer!

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