Sunday, 8 November 2015

Slow, happy and soon back

stats of the week: run 23km, cycled 50km, gym 1h
stats of the week before: run 56km
result NYC marathon: 4:13:14 h

With only one longer run in the box I made a cautious attempt to run the New York City marathon. Plan was to finish around 4:15 h. So I took up a 6min/km pace. I was happy to keep up this speed without any problems until the ascent of the 5th avenue at km 36. At this point I had collected a buffer of two minutes that I lost during the final 4km when I had to walk shortly for 3 times. My finish time of 4:13:14 is an average pace of exactly 6:00min/km.

That's my nineth and slowest NYC marathon. Alas I have to face that I have never been as old as this time so I have to be satisfied with my performance. A pleasant experience is that my muscles and body coped with the burdon and I seem to be able to get back to normal exercise soon.

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