Tuesday, 26 April 2016

London Race Day

stats of the week: run 60km, gym 2 h
London Marathon result: 4:04:36 h

Race director Hugh Brasher called it an incredible day and that's what is was. A record field of more 39,000 runners, Kipchoge winning close to a world record, on the way clocking a 30K world record. A dramatic scene when three leading women fell heavily to the ground after 23 miles with Jemima Sumgong rebounding strongly to win the final sprint over defending champion Tigist Tufa.

My own race developed much better than expected. Starting cautiously I could hold up the pace to 35K before I had to have a short rest after 38K and then I was able to enjoy the final two miles and finish with a smile.

With worried thoughts I passed a scene where a runner obviously got reanimated. On Monday I had to learn that David Seath, 31, shortly later passed away in hospital. If this kind of dissolution would happen to me at 63+ I would call it a life fulfilling end. R.I.P. Dave, you were far too young. The charity Dave was running for is Help for Heroes.
Visit his Justgiving donation page.

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