Friday, 8 April 2016

Sand work pays

stats of the week: run 35km, cycled 150km, gym 2h
half marathon result: 1:47:28

Running on the sandy paths of Lanzarote paid in Berlin. No muscle soreness after running the half marathon at a speed I never trained.

I cautiously started my race with a pace adjusted for a finish sub 1:50 h. First and second 5km had exactly the same time of 25:38. Happily I was able to increase the pace to 25:26 and 25:15 on the second half of the distance and finished smiling.

Two days later the meniscus complained and reminded me of being still cautious approaching April 24. I still have to do at least one long run of at least 25km. I hadn't done more before my last NYC marathon - and it worked.

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