Sunday, 17 December 2017

Racing South Africa

stats of the week: run 26 km

Did my second and first officially registered parkrun at Franschhoek, South Africa. It is such a simple and friendly event. Some 100 people gather at the start line, many youngsters, some dogs, old and young, fast and slow. A volunteer greets them, then counts "3-2-1 enjoy" and off the pack is.

At the finish line you present your personal bar code and a couple of hours later you receive an email showing your result and a link to a complete list including age groups, age graded time and the number of your park runs so far. As it was my first one I got also congrats to my PB. Hope to beat that next Saturday! Anyway, age graded I was placed 7th overall.

The only backdrop was that I sprained my left foot after the first of the 5 kilometers and developed some pain afterwards. Not too bad, so I could work as C's pacemaker next day at the 10 K race in Atlantis, north of Cape Town. It was quite a big event with almost all runners doing the half marathon while the field on 10 K was just around 100 participants. We are happy to store another SA medal now.

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