Thursday, 3 May 2018

65 and happy

London time: 4:46:53
Boston time: 4:32:48

I'm not certain about how to judge my double marathon week. Of course I'm happy that I was able to finish both runs.

In Boston happened what I planned to avoid absolutely. But due to the cold and wet weather the muscle pain was the worst ever I had after any marathon. Therefore it was very hard work to complete another marathon after only six days. In London I was able to run painfully for the first 30 km but then the muscles had their own finish. I walked nearly all of the remaining 12 km. So I got my medals and should be happy with this result.

The main finding of my races this year is that I am no longer able to run a sub 4 hours marathon. However, in London there were only 437 men of 65 years and older among more than 40,000 runners. I was one of them. That is why I am really happy.

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