Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Still running while cycling

stats of the week: run 28 km, cycled 93 km, gym 2 h

Starting the cycling holiday in Italian Piemont we discovered that a local running event took place on Friday evening. No question we had to take part. It was a short race of some 6.2 km at the hilltop village of Moncalvo. Hilltop meant the course start was at the top, then it went steeply down to the valley and steeply back to the piazza in the village.

It was a very informal race without timing and results. Luckily I studied the route map before race day so I was right en route while several runners in front of me went wrong although there was a volunteer to show the direction but he kept calm and let them go. At least half a dozen runners finished minutes behind me though they were much faster. However, it was sort of a fun run and nobody really complained.

Most impressive was a 89-year-old guy who finished just 2 minutes behind me!

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