Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Virtual LM sold out

stats of the week: run 10 km, zwift cycled 109 km, hiked 25 km
stats of the previous week: run 17 km, zwift cycled 145 km, hiked 14 km

The virtual London Marathon 2021 is actually sold out now. 50,000 bibs are gone, was surprises me as I am not an excited fan of virtual races. Boston follows and offers even 70,000 virtual places!

Regarding Boris Johnson's announcement about Covid openings in summer the real London Marathon has a good chance to take place in October. Maybe only vaccinated starters will be accepted. By then this should not be a problem.

At the moment I can't imagine myself running a marathon. Restricted by several orthopedic problems my jogs don't extend 7 km. Even a half marathon is unthinkable. Luckily walking is allowed at the virtual Syltlauf. The distance in two weeks is 33 km.

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