Sunday, 5 February 2006

Missed the start - 76 days to go

scheduled: 60K (38m) / done: 34K (21m)

I started my accurately designed schedule with a classic failure. A persistent infection forced me to cut the mileage significantly. I noticed first signs of a developing problem during last sunday's run when I suffered weakness climbing the local hills. On Tuesday the increased heartrate could not be ignored (15 beats more than usual). Then it was just physical weakness, hurting joints and a constant stomach pain.

Now I have to lean back and accept the advice I otherwise provide for fellow runners. "Don't try to make up for missed mileage" is one of the rules which sound reasonable but runners don't like. However, my schedule is quite tough anyway. There is no space for additional miles.

I don't worry yet. Hopefully I will get fit in time to enable me to fulfil the oncoming week's mileage. But I have to admit it doesn't look really promising by now.

happy running

Monday: gym
Tuesday: 17K (11m) slow / 5:45min/K (9:15min/m)
Wednesday: 8K (5m) easy intervals / 2x2K 4:40 (7:30)
Thursday: 12K (8m) very slow / 6:45 (11:00)
Friday: gym
Saturday: rest
Sonday: 17K (10.5m) (15K race, target 1:06 hrs)
weekly mileage: 64K (40m)

excursus: The Viola Da Gamba is a historic string bowed instrument with usually 6 or 7 chords. It produces a sound which is softer than the one of common violins. The Gamba was used during the time of renaissance and baroque. J.S.Bach worked with Gambas composing the 6th Concerto of Brandenburg.

Making music and running are not very different. It helps to keep to a steady beat.

Viola da Gamba (source: Wikipedia)

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