Sunday, 19 February 2006

Sense of crisis - 62 days to go

week's balance scheduled: 72K (45m), done: 34K (21m)
total difference so far: -54K (-34m)
BMI 22.7

A doubt starts to lurk in my mind. A minor issue concerning my right ankle made me miss the target. The week before last week I must have stumbled in the snow what I didn't take seriously for some days. But eventually it was impossible to ignore it any longer.

Photo: The ordinary runner's home drugstore

Rest was strongly recommended. You might know what this means to a regular runner. Fellow runner Michael described it: "That's like a child whose toy is taken away."

In my fridge the ice bag is always ready but this time it didn't help. And the overnight salve bandage wasn't more successful. So I switched to thermal therapy by red light, applied diclofenac plasters and took in diclofenac pills which are rather strong. Well, together with 2 more rest days it worked. But the problem is not yet solved completely.

Accompanying all this there was a come back of the annoying cold which I thought was already overcome. However, today's morning run with our local group was a fairly speedy workout (5:18min/K=8:30min/m) and my heartrate was just okay. (you see I am unconvincable).

Just 9 weeks to go until London which in fact means 8 weeks of proper training. I really have to get into my schedule very soon, otherwise I will have to correct my targets.

Next weeks (original) schedule:
Monday: gym
Tuesday: 12K (7.5m) very slow 6:00min/k(9:00min/m)
Wednesday: 15K (9m) speed intervals, 4x2K, 4:40(7:30)
Thursday: 12K (7.5m) very slow 6:15(9:23)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 34K (21m) training race 5:30(8:45)
Sunday: 8K (5m) very slow 6:00(9:00)
total weekly mileage: 81K (51m)

happy running

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