Sunday, 26 February 2006

Saying Good Bye to high Targets - 55 days to go

week's balance scheduled: 81K (51m) / done: 33K (21m)
total difference so far: -102K (-64m)
BMI 22.5

Finally I have now reached the point where I can't ignore the facts any longer. My original aim of 3:19 on April 23rd does not look realistic any more. I should set back to a lowered challenge. And I have to admit my disappointment is somewhat limited. Right from the beginning I was not convinced by my own capabilities. My marathon PB is nearly 2 years old, and since then I didn't manage to get close to it again.

I made a visit to the orthopaedist last thursday. Wasted time and money. He insisted to eliminate a fatigue fracture by taking x-rays. Of course there was no break. He was not able to offer any proper diagnosis and just kept to his standard therapy: Take Diclofenac-pills and ice the area. That's what I already did. The consulted physiotherapist claimed to have found liquid in the tissue. He carried out a lymph drainage. I guess one has to believe in it strongly to make it help.

Well - my small world of running is not as sad as it seems to be. The recent two workouts were free of pain (cheers!) and I additionally spent 3.5 hrs on the indoor bike at the gym. This was very hard work, I had to recognise that I lack the muscles needed, and my sweat was dropping down to the floor what let me get some disapproving glances.

My new target for London is: Faster than last year (3:43). This should really be within my ability, although the redesigned schedule averages a weekly mileage of only 58K (36m). Some unexpected comfort came from the New York organisers who eased the qualification to enter their marathon. I now have to run the half marathon just within 1:40 h (was 1:36 for M50). I should face no problems to achieve this, if not on Cyprus in a fortnight, then at least in Berlin on April 2nd.

Hyperlink: New York entry information

My window to the world: The place where I spend much more time than on the local running courses.

Running adventures are terrifyingly parishable.
It's a good thing that there are printed souvenirs available

The week's schedule:
Monday: gym
Tuesday: 8K (5m) medium 5:30min/K (8:50min/m)
Wednesday: 75min cross training
Thursday: 10K (6m) very slow 6:45 (10:50)
Friday: 20K (12m) speed endurance/slow 5:00 (8:00) / 5:45 (9:15)
Saturday: gym
Sunday: 8k (4.5m) slow 5:45 (9:15)

happy running

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