Saturday, 29 April 2006

London Marathon Report Published

So I kept my promise and published the English version of my London Marathon Report. Those of you who have already read the German text will not find any new content. It's just a translation.

There is one new service provided: The complete results of nearly 33.000 finishers packed in a zipped xls-file. Bookkeepers like me will enjoy playing with the big amount of data including nationalities and age group results. I was surprised that the French are the biggest group of overseas runners. Why do they get 500 numbers while Germany has to be content with 350?

Looking at Adrian Massey's annual photo report I got the idea to fundraise for a British charity next year. Adrian collected thousands of pounds for St. Andrew's Hospice. I feel I should have started fundraising years ago. Well, I already do some social work for a local charity but my overseas website visitors have little chance to support it. Next time I will open a Justgiving charity website to give everybody the opportunity to give a helpful feedback for my website work. There were about 500 english speaking runners who had received my London Marathon newsletters so I hope to be able to collect at least a modest contribution. I will not need a Golden Bond entry as I get a guaranteed entry via the travel agency I do some voluntary work for.
I will choose the charity at the beginning of next London Marathon season which starts at August 1. It should be an organisation helping children in UK or the Third World. Any suggestions?

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