Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Ready for take off - 3 days to go

I clearly remember the morning of April 16th, 2000, when I stood at the London Marathon start for the very first time. My eyes were visibly watered even before running. On Sunday it will be my 7th time but it will be as exciting as it was every year.

My target 1 - simply to be at the start line - is nearly achieved now.
My target 2 - to reach the finish line - seems to be feasible at least.
My target 3 - to run a new PB - proved to be unrealistic already weeks ago.
This was sort of a setback but on Sunday I will not worry about this. The only motto is: It's a big party and you are a part of it. Just run and have fun.

Many thanks for your support and kind feedback. All the best for your personal race, enjoy the day!

Happy running

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