Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Running into hell? - 11 days to go

week's balance scheduled: 75K (47m) / done: 32K (20m)

Sorry about being late with updating my blog. I felt far too tired to write anything in English after I managed to finish my long run on Sunday.

I took a consistent rest for the whole of last week to get my foot recovered and feeling ready for the final long run before London. This was definitely the last weekend to do this. Most schedules recommend to do it even three weeks before race day to provide enough time to recover and reduce the mileage stepwise until the marathon. However, I have the "advantage" that I don't have to taper from a high level of mileage. So I hope 2 weeks will allow me to heal all the little aches and pains I suffer now.

The good news is that the foot didn't get worse after running 20 miles on Sunday. The bad thing is that after 18 miles I was totally exhausted. I had to walk twice to get back home! My knee hurt (probably due to the altered running style), my left calf felt like stones and I could not imagine to run another 10K as I will have to do in 2 weeks. If I was in the same shape on race day I would be running through hell. I don't like to think about it. I clearly remember how tough it was last year when I ran after being injured, too.

By the way, Sabine asked how many shoes a runner needs. I don't know a term valid for everybody but I am sure every runner has more shoes then really needed - like me:

There is a rule which says you should have one pair for every day of the week you run. I have to admit counted my shoes I would have to run more than once a day.

happy running

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