Sunday, 8 July 2007

Masters PB

training stats
Su 08/07: half marathon race, 21K, 1:35:41 hrs
Sa 07/07: morning jog, 8K, 0:45 hrs
Fri 06/07: rest, some hillwalking
Th 05/07: rest

This is how the finish area of today's race looked like. Glorious sunshine but not too hot, wonderful alpine scenery.

I was sort of sceptic about the speed I should try but the day turned out to become a really good day.

The first 9K of the half marathon are actually downhill. I mean DOWN hill, sometimes really steep. The only thing you have to do to be fast: Stay on your feet.

My split at 10K was 43:02 min. Regrettably the route got kind of undulated then and I lost a lot of time. But mind: 1:35:41 is my age graded personal best ever for a half marathon.

I made it just 5th of my age group but I was very happy to beat the local male beauty. He looked VERY fast before the start! He motivated me a lot. I managed to overtake him after about 13K. I was the faster one of the two of us! OK, he still is the one better looking. What I had to realise painfully when once more a M60 asked me for my age group!

This is not the local beauty, it is me!

PS Many thanks, Heike, for your quick congratulations. Regards from Austria.

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