Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Summer Tapering

training stats
Tu 31/07: rest
Mo 30/07: gym 2 hrs

week's total: run 24K, bike 60K, gym 2 sessions
Su 29/07: hilly run, 16K, 1:30 hrs
Sa 28/07: gym 1.5 hrs
Fr 27/07: hilly bike tour, 58K, 450m, 2:45 hrs
Th 26/07: easy bike n jog, 12K/8K, 0:40/0:45 hrs

My body's state now urgently asks for a phase of less burden. Particularly my right knee seems to need a rest to recover. During the fortnight in the Alps I granted it a daily small dose of Diclo. I stopped that last Sunday and the knee responded that it is missing something now. But I prefer to change to gym training and stretching now what hopefully is the more promising option regarding my joints' future.

Tomorrow another rail and bike is planned. I will take the train to Winterberg, a hillside small town in the Sauerland where the river Ruhr has its spring. A long distance bike path - the Ruhrtalradweg - follows the river to my hometown Witten (and further on to the rivers' meeting with the Rhine). To get home I have to pedal about 150K. I take my camera with me and will report here.

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