Monday, 2 July 2007

Mountain Goat

training stats:
Su 01/07: hilly run, 16K, 1:25 hrs
Sa 30/06: gym, 2 hrs
Fr 29/06: hilly run, 12K, 1:05 hrs
week's total: run 58K, gym 2 sessions

It was a tough week. After our Friday workout with 7 very steep hills run up and down I had to have a nap in the afternoon to get recovered more or less.

The hill training seems to have an effect now. I guess I havn't been as fit as now since December 2005. On the other hand my knee starts complaining. It will have to accept the challenge for another 3 weeks. Then I will allow a rest of at least a fortnight to relieve my joints and tendons.

About 3 years ago I bought the most expensive heart rate monitor available, a Polar S625X. I had had 2 other Polar models before and these worked very reliably. The new one I never got really happy with. The most annoying point was that the receiver did not catch the heart rate from the new belt dependably. I ended up using the dear thing just as a stop watch.

Finally I sent the whole device back to the Polar Support and asked for an old model belt in change of the modern wear link. I was amazed when I got the answer that my belt was clearly defect and therefore it could not have worked well. Luckily I got the new one without being charged. Meanwhile I have done two workouts wearing it and I am suprised how low my heart rate is. It is around 40 bpm when sitting on a chair and well below 120 when jogging easily. It seems I am fit for another race now.

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