Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Biking Lower Ruhr Valley

training stats
We 08/08: run, 11K, 1:00 hrs
Tu 07/08: rest
Mo 06/08: touristic bike tour, 93K, 3:45 hrs

week's total: run 26K, bike 228K, gym 2 sessions
Su 05/08: hilly run, 16K, 1:25 hrs
Sa 04/08: hilly bike, 74K, 3:40 hrs
Fr 03/08: gym 2hrs
Th 02/08: easy jog, 10K, 1:10 hrs

On Monday - according to the weatherforecast the last sunny day for quite a while - I completed my bike tour along the river Ruhr. I took the train to Duisburg where the Ruhr meets the Rhine. From the station there were no signposts referring to my long distance bike path. By consulting my map it was no big problem to find the meeting of the rivers. Once you have found the banks of the Rhine you simply follow it to the North until you see the Ruhr.

The forecast was right. It was a hot and sunny day and the journey was a great pleasure. I found the route between Essen-Kettwig and Hattingen the most beautiful stretch of all the Ruhr valley. I also enjoyed the first part last Wednesday in the woods of the high Sauerland and, too, the route between Wickede and Schwerte is picturesque. Overall the complete distance was worth biking and can be recommended. I am sure I will do it again.

Some photos of the day.

Where the Ruhr (right) meets the Rhine.

Only in Duisburg the final part of the Ruhr is used as a waterway for business transports.

Between Duisburg and Muelheim the Ruhr is already a calm stream with green surroundings.

The biggest reservoir along the Ruhr is the beautiful Baldeneysee, situated South of the City of Essen.

Coal mining is gone. All working pits have moved to the North of the Ruhr Area.

The Ruhr at Hattingen.

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