Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Off to Iceland

training stats
We 15/08: gym 2 hrs and easy jog, 9K, 0:55 hrs
Tu 14/08: hilly run, 12K, 1:04 hrs
Mo 13/08: hilly bike, 39K, 1:39 hrs

On Monday I received confirmation to go on a sudden journey next weekend: On Saturday the Reykjavik Marathon will take place and I'll be there to care for a small group of runners. Hopefully I will be able to run the 10K race which starts at 10am after the marathon and half marathon runners start at 9.10am. So I can be ready in time to welcome my group at the finish of the marathon.

I have never been to Iceland. There will be no time left to do extensive excursions but I look forward to have a bath in the Blue Lagoon and to see the nearby wonders of nature on a Sunday tour along the Golden Circle.

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