Monday, 27 August 2007

Good Race - Good Fun

Training stats
Mo 27/08: easy jog, 10K, 1:06 hrs

week's total: run 44K, bike 129K, gym 1 session
Su 26/08: race 8K, 0:37 hrs + 2K warmup
Sa 25/08: rest
Fr 24/08: hilly bike 88K, 3:37 hrs

Did another short race this weekend: 8K consisting of 8 laps of 1K each on hilly roads of the small town of Wetter on the Ruhr. As expected it was a neck-to-neck-race with my former college J. We both were close to our limits when we approached the final climb to the home stretch. Activating the endmost power I could find I was able to gain a lead of about 10 meters. Moaning and groaning, turning and looking back several times, I managed to rescue 1.2 seconds to the finish where I was 9th in a small field of 44 runners. Behind the finish line there were some people looking at me rather worrying since I was looking close to collapsing. But that is the usual impression I give after a good race. And this was a really good race and very good fun.

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