Tuesday, 25 September 2007

State of training affairs

training stats
Tu 25/09: long run, 31K, 3:00hrs
Mo 24/09: gym 2hrs
previous week: run 22K
week before: run 34K

Our charity run is made history now. It was a big success with glorious weather and record entrants of active runners and passive donators - 688 persons!

The other side of the coin was that I had not enough time to train properly. Noting that there are only 5 weeks left until NYC marathon day I have to admit that I will not be able to get fit in time to finish inside 3:40 hrs.

As you might guess I will try to do it anyway. My schedule is to do at least 3 long runs thereof the first one I completed today. At least a good start. What let me stay optimistic is: After 28K I met a group of fast local runners and joined them for the final 2K. They pushed me to a speed of 7:10 min/mile (4:28 min/K). A good pace at the end of a long run!

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