Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas everybody

training stats
week's total:
jog/walk 31K, bike 2 hrs, gym 2 sessions
Su 23/12: hilly run, 8K, 0:48 hrs
Sa 22/12: jog 5K, 0:30 hrs, gym 2 hrs
Fr 21/12: slow jog, 10K, 1:06 hrs
Th 20/12: indoor bike, 1:00 hrs
We 19/12: jog/walk, 8K, 0:48 hrs
Tu 18/12: indoor bike, 1:00 hrs
Mo 17/12: gym 2 hrs

My year of running seems to end placably. The knee seems to recover slowly. At least I was able to circle our local reservoir which is a flat distance of 10 K. By a very modest speed I have to admit. But that is what an injured runners has to learn: To become modest.

There are more things to learn. Being early pensioned provides you with a big amount of freedom. (I hear you crying: "Let me have your problems!") Excessive use of this sudden liberty can cause problems - there is a sensitivity of catching injuries due to too much exercise. But there are more risks. Perhaps the most obvious and easiest solution is: Do not demand too much from your life, stay modest. A motto for next year?

Merry christmas everybody, be happy!


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