Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy new year

training stats
Sa 29/12: flat run, 10K, 0:53 hrs
Fr 28/12: gym, 2 hrs

Th 27/12: gym, 1.5 hrs, indoor bike 1 hr
We 26/12: hilly run, 16K, 1:36 hrs

Happy new year to everyone. Remember you are not alone, there are others who also get a raw deal:

Looking at the week's training stats you might think that I am back to perfect fitness. That's a wrong impression. The hilly run turned out to be too much stress for my knee. Running the New Year's Eve Race tomorrow will probably ruin my patella for weeks. But it's the race I have done more often than any other one and I desperately want to run it. I am too young to act sensibly. Perhaps next year but I doubt.

A better purpose to feel good next year:

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