Friday, 7 December 2007

Same mistake as last year

training stats
Fr 07/12:
hilly run, 10 K, 0:57 hrs
Th 06/12: crosstraining, 1:00 hrs
We 05/12: treadmill 5K, 0:30 hrs, gym 2 hrs
Tu 04/12: slow jog, 7K, 0:50 hrs
Su 02/12: gym, 2 hrs
Sa 01/12: pacemaker race, 10K, 0:47 hrs

It seems that the combination of running a marathon followed by strenuous hill walking meant to be too much strain for my right Runner's Knee - a weakness of the kneecap's cartilage. One could blame me for making the same fault as last year. And yes, one would be right to do so. Alas! - I love running and I love the mountains.

Now I take Diclofenac as usual, try to ignore all problems and finish my favourite local race on Sunday, the X-mas run in my home town Witten. Certainly it is a MUST to be part of. However, today I had to stop running after 40 min when the patella caused too much pain.

Of course I will increase strength training of the Musculus Vastus Medialis. This muscle often is regarded to cause imbalances which lead to problems like Runner's Knee.

We'll see what happens on Sunday. Anyway I will pay the doc a visit and ask for another series of
Hyaluronan injections. Last spring it helped but will it do again?

PS Those of you speaking German might like to read my race report: Der Diplomaten-Lauf.

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