Friday, 7 March 2008

Greetings from Mallorca

holiday training stats
bike 504K, run 36K

It is the first time I tried combinated training of running and biking on the same day. The toughest day I found Tuesday when we biked 15K, had tempo runs in the stadium (6x1K at 10K race speed), followed by 40K biking and finally 6K running. I wondered that I was able to finish this kind of training - with only slight mourning by my knee. Every day I am so tired that I fall to sleep before dinner. And yesterday I was totally exhausted at the final part of our hilly bike tour and happy to be back at the hotel.

The photo shows the pass of the road leading to the coastal village of Sa Calobra. I didn't drive down because it would have meant to reascend 680 meters back to the pass.

I really enjoy biking on Mallorca. Roads are mostly in a good state and at this time of the year the traffic is not very busy on the minor roads. And as most of you will know the landscape is exceptionally beautiful. Unfortunately our group is focussed on training so highly that no stop is allowed for photographing.

Back at the Hotel - exhausted and hungry as usual:

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