Sunday, 16 March 2008

Finished without smile

Halfmarathon CityPierCityLoop, Den Haag, 1:38:05 hrs

With a little help of Diclofenac - I have to admit - my knee was happy with running 21K on Dutch tarmac. The start of the race was quite a disaster: I queued up too far in the back, the start was even late by 15 mins and it took me 3 minutes to get to the start line after the gun shot. For the first 6K I had to run a slalom to overtake slow runners. I guess I ran a far longer distance than half marathon due to all the side steps I had to take. The first half hour of running was sort of a Fartlek training but I still managed to keep up an average speed to be able to finish at 1:40.

However, I was very disappointed at first but later in the race I was grateful that I started slowly. I was overtaking other runners from start to finish what helps feeling good. My 5K splits are: 23:29-23:05-23:30-23:04. This verifies that I was able to keep my speed all the time.

The day's best result was that the knee was okay. On the other hand this was probably my first race without any smiling because there are other parts of my body that are hurting more and Diclo can't help it. Alright, we had that before and it will be overcome as life proves again and again.

Some photos of the day: Patrick Macau (no 2) won the race clocking 1:00:08 hrs.

Passing City Centre Den Haag.

Inviting Pub in Scheveningen

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