Thursday, 13 March 2008

Off to the chilly coast

training stats
Th 13/03: run 12K, 1:08 hrs
Tu 11/03: run 10K, 0:58 hrs

total mileage Mallorca: bike 639K, run 48K

Tomorrow I will be off to the Dutch coast to run the famous half marathon at The Hague on Saturday. It is quite a big event with about 7000 runners taking part. The route leads out to the Pier at Scheveningen, all along the promenades and back to the city centre. I already entered this race three years ago but had to withdraw due to an injury. Now again I don't feel fit since my knee will be asking for Diclofenac to stand the distance. My plan is to keep to a reluctant speed and I hope to finish somewhere between 1:40 and 1:45 hours.

Photo shows the race 2005 with the Scheveningen's spa hotel in the background.
Link: CityPierCityLoop

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