Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Good Luck - Have Fun

training stats
Tu 08/04: run, 12K, 1:07 hrs

Best wishes to all of you running on Sunday.
Don't forget we are doing it for fun. For example:

There is Buster Martin, aged 101, father of 17, who has done a half marathon in 5 and a half hours and aims to become the oldest marathon finisher ever!

There is Iva Barr. She will be running to celebrate her 80th birthday just like she did on her 70th birthday.

There is Susie Hewer who will be attempting to break the Guinnes World Record for the "Longest scarf knitted whilst running a Marathon".

There is Jean-Yves Kanyambiwa who will be running whilst dribbling a basketball in under five hours.

And there are countless more people out to have fun. Like us!

The official website says that you will be able to track your runner as he/she is running.
official or mika timing website and watch out for race number 54890

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