Sunday, 6 April 2008

One step to the start

training stats
Su 06/04: hilly run, 16K, 1:36 hrs
Sa 05/04: gym 2 hrs
We 02/04: long run, 31K, 3:02 hrs

That's it, folks. That's what I could do to be fit for next Sunday. Looking back it is really a low key mileage. No expert would advise to try a marathon with that kind of training. But with legs experienced by more than 20 years of running I am confident to arrive at The Mall before 1.45 pm. What would be a time of less than 4 hours.

My brain forced my body to complete a second long run of 30K on Wednesday. It was much much harder than the week before. My thigh muscles were hurting for two days and I am happy that I was back to running today.

Remember: The only target of the final week is relaxing. Any serious training will harm our performance. So I plan to do a short jog on Tuesday and another one Saturday morning with our travel group of German runners.

I will come back to you on Wednesday with last wishes for the race. Keep calm, stay relaxed.

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