Sunday, 30 November 2008

Late Truth

stats of the week: run 30K, 2 gym sessions, 1hr indoor cycle

This was a weekend of facing the truth. I had to face that there are numerous senior runners faster than me. And I had to realise that there are far too many younger lads being more attractive than me. You are right I should have known that before. However, it is still very painful to be confronted with it in reality.

I didn't recognise before that I commemorated an anniversary today. After a break of 4 years it was my 25th race at Herten-Bertlich, which is a highly traditional meeting place of hard core runners. I ran my most loved distance of 7.5K and finished after 32:35min. The most depressing point is: I was content with my performance - until I noticed that I was more than a minute slower than ever! I hoped to win and I finished 4th out of 6 in my age group. Shouldn't I think about giving up?

Regarding the younger lads I should have given up long ago. You know I am a fighter. I should better say I was.

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