Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Upcoming plans for 2009

Did I tell you that I bought tickets to see the Athletics World Championships in Berlin, August 2009? I ordered tickets 18 months before the event and immediately had to pay. Now I discovered that there will take place a public 10K race on the official Championships' marathon route.

The men's marathon will be run on Saturday morning, the women will start on Sunday morning. The official route is a 10K lap which will be run four times. I will run it once on Saturday afternoon. Exciting! I look forward to spending this weekend in Berlin.

On the other hand I cancelled the climbing project I had planned for January. I looked up more reports of climbers who did it and felt I am not ready for this kind of challenge. To stay determined in very big heights you have to be physically and mentally strong. Stronger than I think I am. Maybe I will be more confident in a future year but this should happen soon. Once I am sixty I think it will be too late.

Be sure I will look for a peak less challenging but still entertaining

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