Friday, 7 November 2008

A Matter of Routine

3:41:36 ! 182nd M55 of 1,610. 6,210th overall of 37,750

Honestly, folks, I have not expected myself to run like this. I started the race to try a speed needed for a finish below 3:50 and I would have been happy to finish below 4:00. But then everything was going so well! It was a matter of routine. I had my four bottles of personal energy drink with me, together with four pieces of carbo gum. With 3 miles to run I threw in two pieces of glucose. It turned out to be the perfect nutrition to get along. After 22 marathons it now seems I have found out what I need during the distance.

I won't have wondered if had got cramps - as a result of missing training - but I felt fine all the way. It was a proud moment to cross the finish line!

I took a number of videos during the race but they are too big to publish at Yahoo and I always have problems to get through with YouTube. I will come over with it later.

At least here is a photo of your proud and happy blogger:

My favourite photo of this year's week in New York City. Youngsters enjoy playing American football on Roosevelt Island below Queensborough Bridge.

Artificial Manhattan winter in November: Ice skating in Bryant Park.

The always happy team of interAir including VIP master runners Herbert Steffny and Wolfgang Münzel (photo by Norbert Wilhelmi).

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