Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Not Pacemaker but Follower!

Helsinki City Marathon: 3:59:43 hrs, 93rd M55 of 273, 1765th of ~5,000

Sorry folks I am delayed reporting of Helsinki City Marathon. You might think that's because I was overtaken by B. while I tried to work as her pacemaker .. probably you're right.

It was a tough day and I had to learn that running is different from cycling. With a lack of long running workouts I suffered from 30km onwards and struggled to reach the finish. After 2 or 3 short stretches of walking I was just able to perform a strong finish to beat the 4 hrs.

Right from the beginning the pace was made by B on her own. From shortly after the start I only managed to follow her until I lost her at one of the feeding stations at around 37km. I always have known that this kind of day would come once but I didn't expect it to be real today!

The photo shows B behind the finish line waiting for her pacemaker for 61 seconds:

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