Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day of Surprise

stats of the week: Run 62km (including NYC Marathon 3:43:29)

Sometimes there are days when you are able to surprise yourself. New York City Marathon was such a day. Honestly. It was really sort of optimism when I wrote I'd be happy to run a time around 4 hours.

I looked up my weekly mileage for the 11 weeks since Helsinki Marathon in August. My average week added up to just 23 km! Could I expect to finish the race after 3:43? I reckon this performance is possible only with a background of 20 years of running. I won't recommend to copy my schedule nor would I try to do it again myself.

This year's NYC marathon was my 5th and I planned to let it become the last one. But once in Brooklyn and enjoying the crowd I already changed my mind. How about running my 50th marathon at the 50th New York City Marathon in 2019?

photo: German runners at a final workout in Central Park on Thursday afternoon

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