Sunday, 29 November 2009

Don't mind the judgement

stats of the week: run 62km, 1 gym

(With 2 runs in the hills of Garmisch this week's mileage increased to a level I didn't plan. I will have to taper off now to get fit for next Saturday's St Claus race. )

Witnessing at the Zugspitzlauf court case did not really help to overcome the memories. In fact it made things worse as I once more had to face how several people made fatal mistakes resulting in the death of two runners.

Initially I was shocked that the organiser resolutely affirmed that he didn't make any fault concerning race day. I'd be relieved if I could state this myself. Alas - imagine you are accused of involuntary manslaughter - won't you also try anything to get away not guilty? On the other hand if you have the feeling that you could have avoided the fatalities by doing better - shouldn't you have the standing to confess your part?

Whatever the court will judge on Tuesday it won't help anybody to come to terms with what happened. And it won't change the public opinion - what still is hurting most.

Photo: The place where U. passed away is just a ten-minute-walk to the top.

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