Monday, 28 December 2009

Strange Problem

stats of the week: run 37km, 1 hr indoor bike, 1 gym

Wiki photo: Adductor muscel

Adductor injuries are rather common with sports that involve sudden stops and sidesteps, e.g. football or badminton. It should be quite rare among runners. It's still a miracle for me that I strained my left adductor twice within a fortnight.

One option might be that the indoor biking came too intensely, another that a new workout to strengthen the hamstring wasn't tolerated.

Running is strictly off-limits until Thursday now when I still hope to be able to take part in the traditional New-Year's-Eve race.


  1. Hi Uli

    wish you good luck for recovering until thursday and all the best for 2010 :-)



  2. Many thanks, Heike,

    Great to hear of you, I am glad you are still following my blog.

    Happy new year to both of you,
    kind regards to Kristof

  3. Of course I follow your blog (and homepage); always waiting for the next entry :-) So I stay a little bit in touch with what is happening in Witten and Ruhrgebiet....

    Congratulations to your race. It's a really good result.

    Many greetings