Sunday, 6 December 2009

Time has come

stats of the week: run 42km, 2 gyms

Time has come to face the truth. I thought that training went well during recent weeks. The more disappointing happened to be what was my poorest race ever. Yesterday I was confronted with the worst performance I can remember. On a six-mile-race I lost nearly 3 minutes compared to last year.

Well, one can concede that I had a very depressing email conversation with the Zugspitzlauf lawyer the day before. What was still dominating my mind while racing. But this cannot explain why I wasn't able to run properly. There was no power to fight, there was no breath, no strength, there was nothing but a sagging old runner. Maybe time has come to stick to slow enjoyable jogs through nature and to say Good Bye to behaving like a sportsman.

Photo: Clock proves a leisurely pace but my face looks different

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