Sunday, 17 January 2010

Indoors to Tourmalet

stats of the week: run 50km, 3 gyms

I have now completed a streak of 13 consecutive days of training what makes me feel better. I have to admit I did run more than my knees probably will tolerate. But I felt that my mind would be helped by running outside - I really enjoyed being on my own out there.

Otherwise I have to recognise that I should ease the knees' burden. Meaning that I should substitute some workouts by cycling. In a flash of enthusiasm I ordered an indoor cycling system providing virtual reality. I very much look forward to riding it on my race bike. There is even a dvd available what lets you drive this year's l'etape du tour. Its the toughest Pyrenees' stage finishing on the top of Tourmalet. I have entered the race and now can have a try in advance!

Wiki photo: Tourmalet

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