Monday, 11 January 2010

Run, don't finish!

stats of the week: run 38km, 2 gyms

Last year's stats document that I have run 1,900km and cycled little more than 4,000km. No personal record, but I still would call 2009 my best sports year ever. With a record of 4 marathons, 3 halves and two alpine bike races. What I notice only now: The amount of time was nearly the same: 185 hrs of running, 184 hrs of cycling. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I would love to do more but have to accept that my body sets the limit. If I could I would run for hours every day. Running makes you happy, but only as long as you are moving. The pity is however long you run you will have to come back to the place where you started. The world around won't have changed. And even worse, you will stay the same person you have been. So best choice is never stop running. I will try 2010.

For your entertainment: My hero movie. (Choose your's)

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