Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Neat and enjoyable

Stats of the week: run 72km, gym 1hr

Running a marathon on the top of our heads turned out to be doable. Conceding a couple of walking breaks we finished after a neat time of 4:09 hours and I was happy to be able to stay at B's side. After 20 K I had to disappear for a pit stop and lost almost 2 minutes. I took me more than 2km to catch up. Then I felt better for the second half and had no problems to keep close to her heels.

We enjoyed the Muenster Marathon - a perfectly organised and staightforward event with a flat route through a beautiful city and nice landscape.

However my muscels now ask for some days to recover. I doubt this was the best way of preparing for New York.

Almost finished B is the one to keep smiling:

Michel Descombes is a familiar face along Europe's marathon routes:

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