Sunday, 5 September 2010

Onions done - Championships to come

stats of the week: run 25km, cycled 130km, gym 3h

Too little running this week, having in mind that there are only 9 weeks left to New York. I'm not concerned but it was not the kind of schedule to let me feel satisfied. Expecially as it was just lack of time that kept me from training properly.

Our traditional Onion Relay Race is always good fun. The distance everybody has to cover is just 800 meters, but the veggie burden lets hurt one's muscles for a couple of days.

I am curious about my own next weekend's activities. It's going to be B's decision. She's weird ideas sometimes ...

Midweek B'll run the so called German Championships of Companies. She qualified for the final of Germany's fastest bosses. And I look forward to following her to the finish in the Olympic Stadium. An exciting week to come!

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