Monday, 20 September 2010


stats of the week: run 20km, cycled 30km, gym 5hrs

Reviewing the recent week I have to admit running a sudden marathon was a setback while preparing for New York. My muscels are still complaining and my overall fitness hasn't come back, nor has my mood recovered.

It's only 7 weeks to go and I was hoping to run a decent time on Nov 7. The 3 recent ones at NYC were 3:39 - 3:41 - 3:43. Logically I am aiming for a 3:45 this time.

It even didn't help my mood to buy a new race bike:

A first 30k-ride left me behind feeling not really happy with it. The new Ultegra Group seems to need more adjustment and the carbon finish doesn't look perfectly done. There have to come bad times sometimes ...

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