Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sunny degeneration

stats of the week: run 30km

For running in shorts last time of the year I was sent to Miami Beach by interAir.

In Miami Beach everybody's main ambition is looking good. It's amazing how far people can degenerate in overdeveloped civilisation.

Nature is not too far away, a trip to the touristic Gator Park showed. A white egret.

Baby alligators measure only a few inches.

50 years later they look like this one. Adults grow up to 6 meters and get nearly 100 years old.
They always seem to be smiling. Really self-reliant animals.

A kind of swamp hen is the Purple Gallinule:

Art Deco night life at Ocean Drive, Miami Beach:

Don't worry, it's a veggie burger, of course.

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