Monday, 1 November 2010

Memorial Marathon

stats of the week: run 21km

After last Sunday's long run in Dublin my thigh once again hardened and forced me to rest. I don't worry any more ... I'll just give it a try next Sunday in New York City. We'll see what happens.

Regards from Washington where I again guide an interAir group of runners around the marathon. It's quite a big event with 22,000 finishers on the classic distance and additional 7,000 on the 10K. With very few people from abroad it's a very American day. The race is organised by the Marines ... I have never seen so many wheel chair participants in a marathon. It's truly the army's day.

Washington appears to me as the world's capital of heroism and patriotism. It's not a common city - it's a museum of war glorification. As a European visitor you try hard to get along with it.

Marine Corps Marathon

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