Monday, 28 July 2014

High Level Marathon Rain

stats of the week: run 52km, cycled 192km
Swiss Alpine K42 result: 5:51:40 h

The Alpine Marathon at Davos/Switzerland turned out to become a very special experience. After 3 weeks of warm and sunny weather race day was the first cold day with continuous rain sometimes heavy. Waiting at the startline looking up to the cloudy mountains I was seriously reminded of the tragic Zugspitz Run in 2008. However, weatherforecast promised the lowest temperature at 7°c, so no real danger should develop.

It was raining all day and my fingers got so cold that I could hardly close my rain jacket after reaching Kesch Hut at 2,625m altitude. The high level muddy crossing to Sertig Pass at 2,739m took me some time. But finally my Transalpine mate Herwig pulled me along the final 10K to a respectable 6th place within 34 runners of my age group. The beer was well earned but the cup of hot tea was even better.


  1. oh Mann Ihr Verr├╝ckten!! Ich bin stolz auf Euch!!
    Christine aus Ludwigsburg