Monday, 30 March 2015

Disappointing success

stats of the week: run 51km, gym 1.5h
Berlin Half result: 1:41:09

I know I should book this half marathon as a success. I ran faster than I expected. But the finish was still a disappointment. Until 18K I still was confident that I could finish sub 1:40.

Suddenly at Checkpoint Charly, after 18.5K, one of my worst ever cough attacks struck me down. I had to stop right in the middle of the road. Fellow runners patted on my back while I was forced to retch and my stomach turned upside down. I got back on my feet but now all ambition was gone and I tumbled to the finish in 1:41:09.

However, the unemotional analysis of my split times shows that I only lost about 60 seconds due to the cough attack. I have to admit I wouldn't have made it sub 1:40 without the cough. Anyway, it was still my best half marathon since two years.

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