Sunday, 1 March 2015

Organised discipline

stats of the week: run 22km
stats of the week before: run 55km
Tokyo Marathon result: 4:14:09 h

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the world's biggest marathons counting around 35,000 finishers. Even more remarkable it is probably the marathon with the world's biggest number of marshals and volunteers. I guess there must be around 15,000 ones! Everybody of them is highly motivated and in a good temper. Like Japanese people are most of the time. For a European soul it is a very special experience to see such a perfectly organised event and to queue accurately even at the portaloo. Thousands of highly disciplined runners stay calm at the start, run their part without a sign of feelings, don't drop a single piece of rubbish and finish in style.

So did I myself. Until 35K I was able to keep the pace. Then I lost 4 minutes due to exhaustion and some nasty bridges to overcome. However, I got my medal and after next day's bath in a Japanese onsen the muscles felt recovered already.

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