Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Formerly merry old England

stats of the week: run 13km, cycled 116km, hiked 50km

Our Dales High Walk unfortunately had to be stopped half way after 2 days due to C's injury she suffered from an unlucky bike accident in London.

The Limestone Dales presented themselves as beautiful as they were 20 years ago when l visited last time.

Areas cared for by the National Trust stayed in unchanged beauty. See unique Malham Cove below.

What made me sad and thoughtful is that North England appeared as a forgotten and doomed country. All young people seemed to have gone, houses are run down or even abandoned, nothing has developed during the recent 20 years. Passing the town of Bradford along its Ring Road gave the impression of being in a poor third world country. And my beloved Britain will not be helped by the Brexit. 

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